Password/Reg problems

James ''Wez'' Weatherall jnw22 "at"
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 12:06:39 +0000

The password is read from HKCU, HKLM/.../Default and HKLM/.../<username>

HKEY_USERS/.Default is not read unless it happens to be the current user's
registry area.

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> Thanks for the help.
> To my knowledge of the registry & win9x the first settings loaded (in re:
> users) is the HKEY_USERS\DEFAULT, so I'd imagine VNC should pick the
> password outta here.. The weird thing is, when they get prompted with the
> message if they hit cancel, the next time the machine boots - it reads the
> password!
> The current installation sequence is as follows; (note : VNC is intended
> run as a service in this case)
>     A .BAT file is ran on login
>     The batch file checks for VNC exe's in the correct place, if they
> it exits the BAT
>     If they don't already exist, it proceeds to copy the exe's and dll's
> into the correct place
>     Regedit -s registry.reg is executed - adding the password (The keys
> within HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT is added, as well as
>     LOCAL MACHINE & CURRENT_USER)  - Do I need the L.Machine & C.User??
>     "WinVNC -Install" is then ran to register it as a service
>     WinVNC launches in the systray, and I can connect to it with the
> intended password with no errors
>     I then reboot
>     On reboot, the service should start at the login screen - which it
> does - but it presents me with WinVNC cannot find the password......
>     Where am I going wrong?? - I have also written dummy keys (e.g. test)
> into the .reg file - and they appear in the registry in the same place -
> the     registry is getting written. The only thing i can think is as I am
> writing to HKLM, HKCU & HKU
>     Thanks again
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