Password/Reg problems

Joe Hughes joehughes "at"
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 11:44:39 +0000

Thanks for the help.

To my knowledge of the registry & win9x the first settings loaded (in re: to
users) is the HKEY_USERS\DEFAULT, so I'd imagine VNC should pick the
password outta here.. The weird thing is, when they get prompted with the
message if they hit cancel, the next time the machine boots - it reads the

The current installation sequence is as follows; (note : VNC is intended to
run as a service in this case)

    A .BAT file is ran on login

    The batch file checks for VNC exe's in the correct place, if they exist
it exits the BAT

    If they don't already exist, it proceeds to copy the exe's and dll's
into the correct place

    Regedit -s registry.reg is executed - adding the password (The keys
within HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT is added, as well as
    LOCAL MACHINE & CURRENT_USER)  - Do I need the L.Machine & C.User??

    "WinVNC -Install" is then ran to register it as a service

    WinVNC launches in the systray, and I can connect to it with the
intended password with no errors

    I then reboot

    On reboot, the service should start at the login screen - which it
does - but it presents me with WinVNC cannot find the password......

    Where am I going wrong?? - I have also written dummy keys (e.g. test)
into the .reg file - and they appear in the registry in the same place - so
the     registry is getting written. The only thing i can think is as I am
writing to HKLM, HKCU & HKU

    Thanks again
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