Win3.11, IE 3 and authority problems

Chris Matchett chrismatchett "at"
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 11:09:11 +0000

I am excited about this software as it meets a need I have been trying to 

My query is that I am getting a proxy authority error when I run the 
VNCViewer from IE 3. This happens after I enter my password in the applet 
window and try to log in to the the other computer, a Win98 box. I use proxy 
software but have disabled the use of this in IE 3 because the applet won't 
run with it enabled.

I'm sure you are all tired talking about proxies, I have searched the 
mailing list but didn't come across anything to my specific question. I'd 
appreciate any help.

Also, has anyone worked a viewer for Win3.11? I'm sure it would make life a 
lot easier. And no, I haven't reached the lofty heights of doing it myself 

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