Password/Registry Blank on Reboot

Carillon, Mike MCarillon "at"
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 10:41:46 +0000

I do the exact same thing here.  Except I spawn off from a logon.bat file a
WSH script to process our logons.  I think your problem is that even though
you are importing registry entries into the current user it isn't going into
the registry for the user that is currently logging on.  I believe it is
going into the registry for the user .DEFAULT because that is the current
user during the logon process.  Or it is just going into bitland.  I am not

I am going to assume you are using some sort of logon.bat file for your
logon scripts.  Here is my view on what happens.  The user logs on to the
domain from a Win9x and receives the logon.bat script.  At this point the
Win9x machine has no idea what the username is of the person currently
logging on.  Therefore that person's registry dat files have not been
accessed yet.  Also during this whole time that the logon.bat is processing,
the username is not known by the Win9x machine and again their registry dat
files aren't being accessed.  Its not until the logon.bat file is finished
processing does the Win9x machine load up the registry dat files for the
user currently logging on and the username is available to the Win9x

So what you need to do is start another bat file from within the logon.bat
to process your logon. This allows your current logon.bat file to finish
processing and the Win9x environment to load up the current user's registry
dat files.  To start up this other bat file as a separate process and to
allow your current bat file to continue processing you need to use the start
command without the /w switch, i.e.. start logon1.bat.  Then in the new bat
file, say logon1.bat, you need to sleep for a few seconds to allow the
current logon.bat file to finish processing so the Win9x environment can
load up the user's registry dat files.  In WSH this is easy, you would just
loop and sleep until the username was available from the network object.  I
am not sure how to do this within a bat file.

Any questions just send me an email.  Also I would suggest looking into
using WSH for your logon scripts, if you would like to discuss that send me
an email.


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I've recently installed VNC and think it is an excellant piece of software.
have read many emails and the FAQ on installing it across multiple machines,
which to a point I have achieved.

I am running a central network logon batch file, which when ran creates the
appropriate directories, copies the programs files, copies the DLLs, does
winvnc.exe - install, and finally enters the password entries into the

When you run the batch file it works fine, installs the service, starts the
service up successfully, and launches. The desired password (from reg
settings) is present when you connect, and the client-server connection is
successful. However, on a reboot the user is presented with a message that
password is blank and WinVNC cannot run without one etc etc..

I know this is something to do with the registry settings. Currently I am
adding the settings from a .reg file using "regedit -s test.reg"

I hope someone can help or tell me where i am going wrong. The platforms are
Win9X Machines.

Thanks in advance.
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