One cuestion about Windows CE and vnc client

Diaz Rodriguez, Eduardo Ediaz "at"
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 09:36:22 +0000

Any people have one pda with vnc client?? if it is running in your pda, can
you send me??

I have a vnc client for windows CE.
I have a Jornada 680 wiht Network PCMCIA card, it's runing well.
The problem is went I want connect to a server of vnc with the client
(windows CE).
The program said me about the ip, the pass, ok all well. But i can see the
msg "wait i reload the screen" the program is close suddenly??, what is the
problem, any ideas???

Thank for all!!!

Eduardo Dmaz 
Sistemas de informacisn de Red 
E-Mail: ediaz "at" 
Telf.: 91 2521200 ext 27958 
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