BUG REPORT: Mac TridiaVNC Server v3.4.0 alpha 2

a.umpleby@ic.ac.uk a.umpleby "at" ic.ac.uk
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 23:30:55 +0000

> Biege G3 266...
> vncpatches68k
> moving an icon in the finder from a vnc viewer causes the machine to lock
> up no mouse or keyboard on local machine.

It locks it completely - you have to restart?

> swapping the vncpatches68k for the tridiavnc patches...
> nudging the local console mouse "unsticks" the freeze.

You mean vncPatches68k makes it worse...  oh, great, just what I needed...

OK, I've added a patch to the drag manager, but I cannot try it out myself
because (a) the machine I usually use (the Duo 2300) does not have the drag
problem, and (b) all the other ones I only get to once a week or so...

So, here's a URL for you (and anyone else who wants) to download this modified
(and totally untested - except it has not crashed my Duo i.e. acts no different 
to before I added the extra patch) vncPatches68k.


It works (one hopes!) with the alpha-2 Tridia VNC server, and when unbinhexed
will produce a file called  vncPatches68k-dragtest .

You should remove the current vncPatches or vncPatches68k from your extensions
folder, put this new drag-test version into the extensions folder, and restart.

Let me know... 


Adrian Umpleby
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