Corrupted screen with VNC on Linux for S/390

Rob van der Heij rvdheij "at"
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 22:00:49 +0000

I am trying to get VNC working on Linux for S/390, and after 
browsing the mailing list archives I still need some help. 

My problem is that I get mainly garbage on the viewed screen.
When I start the viewer on Win95 the screen is greyed and I can
see the white xterm window and can read the 'X Desktop' text on
top of that (and the top bar reacts on the mouse moving out of 
the window). The text inside is garbage (I see things happen)
and when I move the window 'random' dots are left in the white
area (kind of pattern at approx 100 pixels distance). These
patterns disappear when I do a screen refresh in the viewer.

The Linux code that I run is the RedHat vnc-3.3.3-2.src.rpm 
where I patched the following files for the s390 architecture
after the recipe from Adam Thornton:


To isolate the cause of the problem I started vncviewer on the
Linux host (with the DISPLAY pointing to my X-server on Win95)
and the same behaviour shows. In this case vnc uses raw encoding
so I can rule out encoding problems?

I would really appreciate some help in where to look further.

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