BUG REPORT: Mac TridiaVNC Server v3.4.0 alpha 2

Jonathan Morton chromatix "at" penguinpowered.com
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 21:45:49 +0000

>on 11/20/00 2:42 PM, Tim Senecal at tsenecal "at" denverpost.com wrote:
>> you must use the VNCpatches that comes with the tridia VNCserver .340a2
>on 11/20/00 2:53 PM, a.umpleby "at" ic.ac.uk at a.umpleby "at" ic.ac.uk wrote:
>>> major: ...
>> I've been discussing this a little with Jonathan - it's related to the
>> drag manager on newer OSes (I've had no trouble with 8.1, only >=8.5).
>> It's looking like it could be some work to overcome it completely...
>Problem solved.  I had neglected to remove the VNC control panel when I
>removed 3.3.2b2 (aka Beta 3.0.1)
>It's still MUCH less responsive.  I'll try the 68k server in a few days &
>see if that helps

The VNC Control Panel has nothing to do with it.  Look in the Extensions
folder for "vncPatches" and replace it with the version bundled with the

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