Announce: RDP to VNC

Adam Tauno Williams adam "at"
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 21:37:31 +0000

>Now I could be dumber than the average bear, but what are the benefits
>of using
>a linux box to connect to W2K Terminal Server.  Wouldn't you still need a
>license for each user to connect to Terminal Server?  Can't you already
>use a dos box to connect to Terminal Server?

We currently have Linux "thin clients" because the client then supports ICA,
X11, telnet, and HTTP all on it's own.  A very robust and flexible thin client
(and cheap).  You need a TS license no matter what you do.  This doesn't even
mention non-thin desktop/workstation Linux machines that happen to want to use
an app thats on that TS server over yoder.

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