VNC Thing 2.1

Dair Grant dair "at"
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 21:09:47 +0000

Levy Rami-ERL005 wrote:

>1. I'd like to echo Jonathan Morton's comments that it is MUCH more
>stable than PS MacVNC. I also like the look & feel of the startup
>screen, where you can see & choose all your options. COOL!

Thanks - glad you liked it. :-)

>2. I'm not sure why CarbonLib was required even for Macs running OS
>8.1? But I installed CarbonLib and it worked anyway.

It requires CarbonLib because it's a Carbon application - this lets it
run natively on OS X as well (albeit it somewhat flakily on some
machines, but this should be fixed soon).

>3. I had consistent problems sending Ctrl-Alt-Delete from the menu:
>it did not work.

Yep, this is a bug. Should be fixed in 2.2.

>4. Performance - it still seems slower than the AT&T MacVNC client.

Hopefully the fix for the crashes on X will also improve this.

>5. I'd like to have the ability to store previously-used IP addresses
>somehow, perhaps in the same way  AT&T's MacVNC client does it.

Now added to the todo list.

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