VNC and X under Linux, also New Mac Viewer roy "at"
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 16:18:05 +0000

>I remembered reading a post where someone was looking for a way to VNC 
>into a Linux box, and be able to see the desktop, not a new one.  I 
>deleted the original post (sorry!) but here's a URL for the goods...

x0rfbserver is a software application that is able to export an X desktop 
to another machine. It exports the framebuffer of the X server to one or 
more clients using strong compression and injects keyboard and mouse inputs 
from the clients into the server. The protocol used is the well documented 
RFB 3.3 protocol, so x0rfbserver should be compatible with every client 
speaking that protocol too, e.g. it should work together with the vnc 
viewers of AT&T.
x0rfbserver provides a complete remote control of the desktop on the 
computer it is running on.

Also, what is the URL for the new MacVNC Thing viewer????
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