VNC Thing 2.1

Levy Rami-ERL005 Rami.Levy "at"
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 15:52:36 +0000


Just wanted to give some feedback on my testing of VNC Thing 2.1.

I tested it on a G3-upgraded Mac running MacOS 8.1.

1. I'd like to echo Jonathan Morton's comments that it is MUCH more stable
than PS MacVNC. I also like the look & feel of the startup screen, where you
can see & choose all your options. COOL!

2. I'm not sure why CarbonLib was required even for Macs running OS 8.1? But
I installed CarbonLib and it worked anyway.

3. I had consistent problems sending Ctrl-Alt-Delete from the menu: it did
not work. I tried it maybe a dozen times in succession, on several different
occasions, with no success. Finally I had to use the AT&T MacVNC client to
send C-A-Del, then go back to VNC Thing and continue.

4. Performance - it still seems slower than the AT&T MacVNC client. Some of
this might be due to the fact that the rectangle updates are not drawn on
the display until after the full rectangle is received? Either way, the
perception is slow performance, and there is no indication that such an
update is occurring when it happens in the background.

5. I'd like to have the ability to store previously-used IP addresses
somehow, perhaps in the same way  AT&T's MacVNC client does it.

All in all, a good job and keep up the good work!


Rami Levy
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