Ger Groeneveld ger "at" marek-it.nl
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 11:28:23 +0000

Reading the mailing list, applying patches to configuration files didn't
help.I still got a grey X-screen at login from a workstation connecting to a
Linux server which starts up a VNC server with my desktop.
I startup a VNC server on request trough inetd. That one starts running.
Maybe I need to login before I can connect?
I can't run kwm because it says it is already running. It can be the reason
that it will dy. I'll tried to run xdm but this will give 'silence' (nothing
happens). I switch off the portmaponrequest to port 0 (a suggestion), looked
in the jost file (address of server is right and mentioned properly).

When i start a vnc server on the server console, as a user, then it will
connect on the right port.

What am I doing wrong,forget to set or whatever?

ger "at" marek-it.nl
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