VNC vs Radmin (was RE: VNC vs PC Anywhere)

Lee Douglas LeeDouglas "at"
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 10:28:40 +0000

I've been a long time user of pcAnywhere, more recently bought LapLink 2000 
and have tried out VNC and Radmin. All of this has been between two WIN 
98SE computers running on a 10/100 BaseT ethernet network.

The reason for all the struggles was that pcAnywhere was both slow and a 
memory hog. LapLink is somewhat faster and seemed to use less resources. 
VNC was a nice improvement on LapLink in terms of speed and resource usage. 
I've recently tried Radmin and been very impressed with its speed and sadly 
disappointed with its lack of stability. I've now "scampered" back to VNC 
and plan to stay here.

Thank you VNC people, wherever you may be!


BTW, Radmin was noticeably faster that all but VNC - in the case of VNC, it 
was only slightly faster.

At 01:54 PM 11/26/00 +0000, you wrote:
>I used VNC for a while, when my coworker pointed me to another program - 
>I download it, install and what I see:
>It's faster than VNC on my 10 mbit network. Not sure about 150 times 
>(There is a note on the Radmin website , that Radmin is 150 
>times faster than VNC) but definitely faster.
>It has a lot of features, which I wanted to have in VNC.
>There are Win NT security support, drag & drop file transfer, 128 bit data 
>The only problem which I have with this software is that it expires after 
>one month, to continue I will need to pay $35 for two computer license.
>I think I'll purchase it because, it's good price for speed, additional 
>features and lifetime tech support...
>In general, Radmin is my realized dream of how VNC must be.
>Yours, Rick.
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