VNC via dial-up networking ?

Mark Graves mark.graves "at"
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 09:00:34 +0000

I have tried setting the default gateway but to no avail. The route add
command produces "the route addition failed: 87". Further help

In message <3A23F1FD.DEEB4423 "at">, Joseph A. Knapka
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>It sounds like the PC you are trying to connect from does not have
>an appropriate IP route to the dialed-in machine. Try one of the
>1) On the PC where you want to run the viewer, set the RAS server
>as the default gateway in "Network Nbrhood->Properties->Protocols->
>TCP/IP->Properties" (That's NT4, may be a bit different for Win9x
>or 2K). Of course, this may interfere with your PC's ability to
>access other network resources.
>2) At the command line of the machine where you want to run the viewer:
>route add <IP-of-dialed-in-PC> <IP-of-RAS-server> MASK <appropriate
>The netmask should be the same as that of the dialed-in PC, which
>you should be able to find out by doing a "netstat -r" at the
>RAS server (I think). This should fix your problem without
>causing any undesirable side effects. Windows' "route" command is
>a little odd, so I may not have the syntax exactly right; you
>may need to experiment a bit.
>-- Joe
>Mark Graves wrote:
>> I think I'm getting warmer ... If I run VNC Viewer on the RAS server, it
>> works fine and I can control the dialled-in PC, but if I run VNC Viewer
>> on my PC on the same network (logged-in to the same domain), I cannot
>> connect. Is there some way to do this from my PC ?  Help appreciated.
>> In message <000301c0594c$17210380$1e780981 "at">,
>> Richard Spaven <r_spaven "at"> writes
>> >you could run 'netstat' on the RAS servers DOS prompt to determine the
>> >machine names connected to the server.
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>> >Hi,
>> >Apologies if this has come up before (I did search the mailing list DB).
>> >I have VNC running in app. mode at work on our NT server, which allows
>> >me to run the viewer on my PC at home after logging on to the server via
>> >modem and dial-up networking. I can therefore remotely administer the
>> >server.
>> >
>> >This all works fine but now I would like to do kind of the reverse. I am
>> >at work sitting in front of my PC, and a user dials-in & logs-on to the
>> >network. I would like to run a viewer on my PC which will allow me to
>> >control his PC (assuming it has VNC running in app. mode). When I try
>> >this, I am unable to connect. Network neighbourhood does not show the
>> >user in the list, presumably because they are not local to the network.
>> >Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do ? Help appreciated.
>> >
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