Screen Refresh Problem

Frank SCHNELL schnell "at"
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 07:37:38 +0000

Hi all,

we are having VNC server running on a Solaris 8 server with VNC clients
(Version 3.3.3 R2) on Windows NT 4 with a mixture of different
Service Packs (4, 6 and 6a).

With SP4 everything seems to work fine. So far so good.

With SP6 users get normally that Nagle's algorithm error message (not always
though, it occasionally works, but then with the same problem as described
for 6a).

Upgrading to 6a in an attempt to circumvent the Nagle problem things we
can at least connect to the VNC server, however, the screen refresh becomes
lousy. When a X-window is being closed it remains visible on the screen and
by moving the mouse over it is possible to redraw the updated screen parts.
(Of course, doing a screen refresh via the menu works as well, but is
when working in full-screen mode).

Why is it that it works with a SP4 NT box but not with SP6a and what can I do
about it?

Thanks for anybody who can shed some light onto this

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