Xvnc servers VS. System reboot?

Bart Browning blb "at" vector.edaind.com
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 13:35:31 +0000


we are running Xvnc 3.3.2r3. 

When our linux server gets rebooted while several users have a vnc 
server running on it, we get a few strange things:

1) /tmp/.X11-unix has a file ("X0" thru "Xn") for each server that was running 
   before the reboot. When users restart their vnc servers they are assigned
   numbers starting at n+1 (rather than starting at "1"). Root must rm the 
   X1 thru Xn files (in tmp/.X11-unix) after the reboot to fix this. 
   Is this the right method to follow?

2) Often times after a linux reboot "ac -dp" reveals that there are
   some (seemingly vnc-server related) "users" using up cpu time.
   These users are "ing" and "xV".  How do we keep this from happening?
   (perhaps this is just a side effect to our rm workaround in #1?)

Is there a fix or workaround to the above problems? 
Would an upgrade to 3.3.3 help?

bart browning
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