[ANNOUNCEMENT] VNCj version 0.3

Tal Liron tliron "at" amherst.edu
Mon, 27 Nov 2000 19:16:08 +0000


The simple answer is: you can't. It's not meant for remote control of
desktops, but for offering services over VNC. You can call it: remote
controlling of applications. However, using Swing or AWT you can create a
"virtual desktop server", which is essentially what the X system is. I am
actually considering integrating VNCj into the JOS (Java Operating System)

Another answer is: VNCj has a server called VNCRobot, which *does* allow
access to the desktop. Two problems: 1) Right now it is broken. It only
captures full screen and sends mouse events. 2) Even when fixed, it will
only support full screen updates, and in general performance will be
abysmal. The Robot server is intended to be an example of how to use VNCj;
it is not a real-world solution.


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> OK, here's a dumb question:  I've downloaded this from your web site, I've
> got Java set up, I can run the demos.  Now, maybe I missed something, but
> how can I set this up to see my desktop (on Win32 - just like WinVNC)?
> Looks interesting, anyway.
> Thanks,
> Glenn
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> Subject: [ANNOUNCEMENT] VNCj version 0.3
> Hey,
> [New in version 0.3: Shared sessions, Console model, Hextile and CoRRE
> encodings.]
> As of now VNCj supports the following models for serving VNC from Java:
> 1) Swing framework
> 2) AWT framework - virtual desktop
> 3) Lightweight - direct image manipulation
> 4) Pixel - direct buffer manipulation
> 5) Console - text mode (!)
> 6) RFB - direct protocol access
> VNCj supports incremental frame updates, with separate frame/event queues
> per client for shared sessions.
> VNCj supports all standard VNC encodings: Hextile, CoRRE, RRE, Raw and
> CopyRect. It supports any pixel format requested by the client.
> There is even limited support for the new AWT Robot class for
> access to the
> underlying desktop.
> VNCj includes a tiny web server for serving the MF viewer applet. This
> allows VNC access from Java-enabled web browsers without installing a VNC
> viewer.
> http://www.amherst.edu/~tliron/vncj
> Please help me test it and send me feedback.
> -Tal
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