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Jonathan Morton chromatix "at"
Mon, 27 Nov 2000 15:32:40 +0000

>Richard Spaven wrote:
>> There is one for Windows called VNCScan - see
>I don't suppose there is a mac & a Linux (CBI,KDE,GNOME) equivilant?

For Linux, try nmap.  It is a very flexible scanning tool, which can even
guess at what OS is running on the remote system and scan an entire
network.  It is capable of scanning a restricted range of ports (eg.
5900-5999, the range used by most VNC servers).  It comes with a graphical
front-end, or you can use the raw command-line tool.  NB: this is both a security and a hacking
tool.  Use wisely.

There are also scanners available for Macintosh, I'm sure searches in the
right places will locate one that will serve the purpose.  I don't know of
one offhand that supports scanning of entire networks, but they surely
exist somewhere.  Writing an equivalent to VNCScan wouldn't be that hard,
either, using the PowerPlant framework.

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