VNC vs Radmin (was RE: VNC vs PC Anywhere)

Rick Torins rtorins "at"
Sun, 26 Nov 2000 14:00:21 +0000

I used VNC for a while, when my coworker pointed me to another program - 

I download it, install and what I see:

It's faster than VNC on my 10 mbit network. Not sure about 150 times (There 
is a note on the Radmin website , that Radmin is 150 times 
faster than VNC) but definitely faster.
It has a lot of features, which I wanted to have in VNC.
There are Win NT security support, drag & drop file transfer, 128 bit data 

The only problem which I have with this software is that it expires after 
one month, to continue I will need to pay $35 for two computer license.
I think I'll purchase it because, it's good price for speed, additional 
features and lifetime tech support...

In general, Radmin is my realized dream of how VNC must be.

Yours, Rick.

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