FW problem, VNCServer inside

Rick Torins rtorins "at" hotmail.com
Sun, 26 Nov 2000 13:23:26 +0000

>I have a Linux/WinNT Server inside a company LAN behind a firewall Novell
>Bordermanager, afaik). The FW is making IP masquerading, don't block the
>most protocols. I need to access the server from outside. But i don't have 
>control over the FW :(
>I can make ssh tunnels from inside to outside, and i can see my external
>computers with vncviewer. But the other way is ... is it not possible ? Is
>there any trick to make a tunnel from inside to outside, which is open for
>both directions ?
>i would be glad  for some tipps and tricks.


I think if you have access to your firewall, you can setup IP forwarding on 
it. For example you can set to forward incoming connection from 6000 port on 
the firewall to your <internal computer IP>:5900

After that when you connects with the vncviewer to <Firewall IP>:6000 form 
outside, firewall will forward your connection to <internal computer 

Hope, this helps.

Yours, Rick.

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