Keyboard remapping bug?

Morris, Steve smorris "at"
Sun, 26 Nov 2000 12:14:02 +0000

I've looked a little closer into my keyboard remapping problem. What is
happening is that the cursor keys, home, del etc. are mapped to the values
they have on the numeric keypad with numlock on. Thus the home key is mapped
to 7 and the up cursor is mapped to 8. If this was happening on the numeric
keypad I would think it was a numlock translation problem however it is
happening with the separate keys that are between the numeric keypad and the
normal keys (enter etc.) 

The numlock light is off.

Again my configuration is:

vncclient running on win98
vncserver running on NT 4.
X11 server (Exceed) running on the NT box.
xemacs running on a third box as a client on the NT X11 server. (I just
checked. xterm sees the same problem so it is not xemacs specific.)

o - Outlook running on the NT box sees the expected keymapping. I assume
that other native applications do also.

o - The keys are mapped properly if I type at the NT box directly.

o - It is only when vnc comes into the picture that the special keypad goes

I assume that this is an obscure bug not seen by most people because others
don't use this particular combination of applications. Certainly I have not
been overwhelmed by replies on the list (none so far) which usually means
that it is not a common problem.

The only keymap thing I find in the FAQ relates to modifier keys which seems
to be an unrelated issue.

Tomorrow when I get back to work I will try using an NT client to see if it
is a vnc Win98->NT mapping problem.
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