FW problem, VNCServer inside

Josua Singal linsux "at" gmx.net
Sat, 25 Nov 2000 22:39:14 +0000


digging the mail archive and the website didn't help finding a solution
for my problem.

I have a Linux/WinNT Server inside a company LAN behind a firewall (Novell
Bordermanager, afaik). The FW is making IP masquerading, don't block the
most protocols. I need to access the server from outside. But i don't have any
control over the FW :(

I can make ssh tunnels from inside to outside, and i can see my external
computers with vncviewer. But the other way is ... is it not possible ? Is
there any trick to make a tunnel from inside to outside, which is open for
both directions ?

i would be glad  for some tipps and tricks.

have a nice day,


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