[ANNOUNCEMENT] Mac 68k-compatible vncPatches

Jonathan Morton chromatix "at" penguinpowered.com
Sat, 25 Nov 2000 07:18:49 +0000

>somebody had to do it....
>I have installed the latest tridiaVNC mac server, with the latest
>vncpatches68k on my BasiliskII emulation.
>it is configured thusly:
>emulating a quadra 950 (68040)
>20mb of ram,
>system 7.6.1
>OT 1.1.2
>256 colors
>800x600 screen size
>system takes up about 4.5mb when not running server,
>about 6.5mb when running server,
>server uses 680k of 2mb when running
>server and extension both load fine, and server can be configured fine.
>one (small) problem.
>the mouse on the server is not being updated by clients. neither mouse
>movement nor button state, although movement on local machine causes remote
>screen to be properly updated.
>keyboarding works fine.  just the mouse has trouble.
>I understand that there may be little or no desire to work this out, but I
>thought you might like the input.

I've not tried using Basilisk, but it's entirely possibly it is using some
hackery to get the mouse working.  The server doesn't "force" the mouse
down by patching every mouse trap in existence and modifying the result -
instead it sends fairly low-level system calls in the same manner as an ADB
mouse driver.  If Basilisk is sending the same events at a higher
frequency, it'll take over...

If the mouse pointer is not visible, try activating "assume hardware mouse
cursor" (although I don't remember whether i compiled that out on 68k -
it's intended mainly for PCI-based machines).

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