[ANNOUNCEMENT] Mac 68k-compatible vncPatches

a.umpleby@ic.ac.uk a.umpleby "at" ic.ac.uk
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 20:47:57 +0000

> IIsi w/ 9MB ram

Should be OK - provided you trim the extensions and control panels

I had 7.5.3 (with OT 1.1.3) running on my IIsi with only 5MB ram.

Even more amazing - it was serving files for about 70 users at the
time (this was about three years ago - obviously, they were not all
on at once! -but sometimes had three on at once)...

If you try hard (and avoid using unnecessary extensions etc) then
you should be able to get 7.5 to run in <4MB, and then if you reduce
the amount the VNC server wants (from 2MB down to <1.5 - is that OK,
Jonathan?) then you should still have room to do a few other things!

Having said that, if you currently have Open transport installed, I
think I would be interested to hear if the server works on 7.1...


Adrian Umpleby
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