[ANNOUNCEMENT] Mac 68k-compatible vncPatches

a.umpleby@ic.ac.uk a.umpleby "at" ic.ac.uk
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 18:48:09 +0000

Hi all...

After several false starts I have finally managed to get a 68k version
of the vncPatches working correctly.

The vncPatches68k is available to download at the following location:


It is compatible with the Mac TridiaVNC Server (alpha 2), which is
available at:   http://www.chromatix.uklinux.net/vnc/

(Note: if, for some obscure reason, you do need to use the alpha 1
server on a 68k Mac, you will have to compile the server source code
- the binary is currently PPC only.)

If you have already downloaded the vncPatches68k,and you are using a
PPC Mac, then still download the new version because it fixes a couple
of small bugs.

If you have already downloaded it for use on 68k Macs (and you were
disappointed it did not work), please use the new version and let me
know if (when!?) it works this time!

If you are currently using the Mac TridiaVNC Server (on PPC or 68k!),
and you are not using the vncPatches68k, I would still be most grateful
if you would download and try out the new vncPatches68k - and send back
a report, so I can be sure it is working on a wider range of machines
and that the benefits it claims to offer (even on PPC Macs) really are

It is hoped that (most of?) the functionality of the vncPatches68k will
be built into the next release (alpha 3?) of the Mac TridiaVNC Server.


  Adrian Umpleby
  adrian "at" ic.ac.uk
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