xstartup and Red Hat

Ashton, David David.Ashton "at" gbr.xerox.com
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 13:30:26 +0000

Sorry if this one has been asked before but I have just joined the list and
I am hoping someone out there has had the same problem in the past and been
able to fix it! 

I am using Red Hat Linux 6.1 on three machines and I would like to be able
to remotely access these machines from my NT machine, however when I do this
at the moment all I can see is a console window, this is fine most of the
time but I need to see the Gnome / KDE  desktop environment occasionally
also from my NT machine. 

I believe I need to edit xstartup(?) by inserting the window manager used by
Gnome or KDE, i.e for example when I use access Solaris remotely from NT I
insert dtwm (where by default is has twm) in xstartup, this then displays
console windows and desktops remotely. When I edit xstartup on Red Hat all I
get at the moment is a completely blank screen within VNC! Then when I try
and revert to the original settings (i.e inserting twm) it still remains

Can anyone help? I have looked at numerous websites, asked RedHat mailing
lists, looked in numerous books etc and got absolutely nowhere.


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