Xvnc on Sloaris 2.6 and apps linked against libXol - segmentation faults

Gary.Whitehead@esa.int Gary.Whitehead "at" esa.int
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 11:54:18 +0000


We are attempting to evaluate vnc under Solaris (2.6) as a remote display

One very basic problem, launching an application linked against libXol, we see
an immediate core dump due to a segmentation fault when using Xvnc as the
display.  Xsun, and Exceed both work fine.  Of course, the applications that we
wish to use remotely are linked against this library.

We created two test apps by modifying their linking as below and attempted to
launch them on Xvnc:

cc system_menu_modif.c -o system_menu_modif -lX11 -lXt
  - works.

cc system_menu_modif.c -o system_menu_modif -lXol -lX11 -lXt
  - crashes on calling XtAppInitialize.

We are launching Xvnc as follows:

> openwin -server /opt/tools/bin/Xvnc -display :0 -httpd /opt/tools/bin/classes
-depth 8 -cc 3 -geometry 1152x900 -noauth

and using the Solaris binary off the ATT site (from the
vnc-3_3_3r2_sun4_sosv_5_5.tgz archive)

So far we heave tried on the Xvnc launch: -cc 3 (PseudoColor - required for our
apps anyway), adding the Xt+ fonts to the fp with xset, various colour depths -
all without success.

Has anyone seen this behaviour - and more to the point, does anyone have a
workaround that they would care to share?


Gary Whitehead.
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