vnc blocked at one location

Trent Gemmill trentgem "at"
Wed, 22 Nov 2000 11:15:41 +0000

I have been having troubles getting vnc to operate from one location. access to the http port (5805) is fine, the applets get
loaded by netscape. the 5905 port can be telnetted to and httpd'ed to with a browser fine, giving log messages on my vnc host,
etc. The vnc host can be reached fine from other computers, but nether the java applet or the winvnc viewer can reach my vnc host
(no route to host message).  Are the vncviewers sending requests on some port that are blocked at this remote site? Is it
possible to change the source port of these programs (or am I confused?)? Also, trying to use winvnc on port -95 (==5805) gives
no contact with the http server; no log messages. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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