cygwin/xfree + Xvnc??

Rudi De Vos "at"
Wed, 22 Nov 2000 09:40:49 +0000

1) start winvnc
2) propeties

Remote display : (remote host display)
unclick application
(xhost +) on your unix box
Press apply
Press button startx

(this version doesn`t work as service)

I used it for displaying a single application on a unix box.
All other settings (focus/autostart/title/application/window title) are
for doing this, you don`t need them
to display the full window.

focus: use foreground window as application
autostart: start application from the application field (have to be in
your path)
Title: start the application with window title "window title"

I hope this help you away

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