Keyboard remapping

Morris, Steve smorris "at"
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 14:37:35 +0000

I am running a VNC server on my NT box at work and VNC viewer on my box at
home. As an added level of complexity I am running the Hummingbird X11
server on the NT box under which I am running an xemacs job on a third UNIX

The problem I am having is that the cursor keys on my home box running VNC
client don't get to xemacs with the same keycodes as generated when I hit
the cursor keys on the NT box directly.

There are so many layers of redirection I am not sure where to start. Can
anyone suggest anything.

I assume that the central issue is that keyboard events in the VNC viewer
are not mapped to the same keyboard events in the VNC server possibly
because of differences between Windows NT and Windows 98. However I can't
find any configuration control that would allow me to modify this remapping.

Pointers to appropriate sections of TFM gratefully accepted.
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