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Jonathan Morton chromatix "at"
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 02:01:44 +0000

>We are using VNC 3.3.3 R2 here on over 200 Windows 2000 & NT boxes and I am
>trying to track who is accessing these boxes.  We cannot use the Deny IP
>addresses because people do need access, but we want to try to track who
>went into a machine during certain times if something like a .DLL, registry,
>machine setting or file was changed.  We are using an application that
>tracks these changes, but only reports every few hours to minimize
>processing time.  If changes were made, we could narrow down who made the
>changes.  As we all know, no one will admit to the changes.

I'm sure there's a logging option somewhere...  but you'll have to ensure
that the logfile cannot be tampered with, if you're checking for tampering
with other files.

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