cygwin/xfree + Xvnc??

Glenn Mabbutt gmabbutt "at"
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 15:30:24 +0000

I've heard mention that the Xvnc implementation is more efficient (and
faster) than the WinVNC port, because WinVNC has to deal with Windows
inadequacies, etc.

Now, I know this is a kludge, but I was wondering if anyone's tried this:

-install WinVNC on a box as a service
-install Cygwin and cygwin/xfree
-install cygwin port of Xvnc

-have WinVNC answer on loopback, change default port
-start Xvnc (in the background??)
-run vncviewer on Xvnc, connected to localhost (the WinVNC server)
-connect from some other machine with vncviewer using the Xvnc display

Just wondering if this would be faster at all, or whether I'm about to waste
my time trying this...

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