[ANNOUNCEMENT] rfb-0.1.1 is now available, includes improved x0rfbserver

Jens Wagner jwagner "at" hexonet.de
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 09:45:31 +0000


After a very long delay, I'm now happy to announce a new version of the
original heXoNet RFB Software (includes right now: xrfbviewer,
x0rfbserver and xplayfbs).

For those who don't know yet:
xrfbviewer is a vnc compatible viewer for X that supports macro
recording and video capturing, scaling, zlib... It's gui is similiar to
to win32 version of the AT&T vncviewer. The macros it records can be
played using Tim Waught's rfbplaymacro.
x0rfbserver is the remote control solution for X. Unlike AT&T's Xvnc,
x0rfbserver exports an yet running X desktop to other machines using the
rfb protocol, so it's sort of WinVNC for X ;-)
xplayfbs lets you view the videos captured with xrfbviewer and Tim
Waught's rfbproxy.

The x0rfbserver got a lot of improvements compared to older versions,
right now it supports password protection, multiple clients, rre and
corre compression. The xrfbviewer is now more stable, full .vnc file
support will be implemented soon.
The package does now compile and link with xclass-0.5.4, the X toolkit
written by Hector Peraza.

There's also a collection of new webpages:

The common homepage for the heXoNet RFB Software is now located at:

The project page for the x0rfbserver:

The project page for the xrfbviewer:

Users of an i386 Linux system with glibc2.1 can also use the precompiled
binaries, available in "rfb-0.1.1-i386-linux.tar.gz". These binaries
were build on a RedHat Linux 6.2 based system. The sources are available
in "rfb-0.1.1.tar.gz", to compile them you'll need
"xclass-0.5.4.tar.gz". Both are available on the webpages.
The document sections on the webpages are not yet completely uploaded
but this will change later this week.

With my best wishes,

Jens Wagner
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