[NEWBIE] Problems with new install VNC and RH6.2

Pure Krome pure.krome "at" world-domination.com.au
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 23:02:28 +0000

>2) When i try to manually start vncserver from the command, i get the


>Looks like it's working perfectly.  100dpi fonts are optional, most people
>don't need them.  You need to use vncviewer to actually connect to the
>vncserver (on display :1) and view what's running on it.  You may also want
>to edit ~/.vnc/xstartup so it uses your favourite window manager rather
>than the old TWM which is the default.

Hello again and thank you for the previous help. Just one final thing to clarify what u mean, i had a look at that file and i don't
know what to change.

ie. I'm a newbie, and all i know is that i'm using GNOME as my windows manager, so i'm do not know what i need to remove and

Thank you kindly for any more help =)


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