VNCj 0.2 - Java VNC Server

Tal Liron tliron "at"
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 06:39:19 +0000

Hey all,

I am releasing version 0.2 of the product-previously-known-as-jVNC, which is
now VNCj.

VNCj is a 100% Java VNC server framework. You can use it to create a wide
range of VNC services. It is pretty cool, if I may say so myself. Features:

1) Full GUI using Swing.
2) Full AWT emulation using an AWT-to-Swing toolkit, if you prefer AWT
3) You don't need Swing or AWT - you can write directly to a pixel array.
4) Incremental refreshing - works with Swing's RepaintManager.
5) Supports any pixel format demanded by the client. Really.
6) Limited (and bad) Robot support for remote-controling the OS.
7) Built-in web server to serve the VNC MFviewer Java applet.

Why would you want a VNC server in Java? Well, if you are already in a VNC
rich environment, you can use VNCj to create all kinds of services that will
be easily accessible by VNC viewers.

The framework includes a number of demo apps to show VNCj's capabilities.
I'd really appreciate it if some of you can mess around with it and give me
some feedback. It's pretty fun to write a few lines of Java code and get
this hot VNC service. I promise!

Be good.

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