Problem connecting to WinVNC from Linux.

Madhusudan Singh chhabra "at"
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 04:54:12 +0000

<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"> Hello,
    I am a rookie at VNC. Just found it and tried it.
    I have a dual boot computer at work running Win NT and RH Linux 6.1.
The bootloader is System Commander and it is configured to boot by
default into Linux. However, sometimes the computer is left running into
NT and I need to reboot it. For this reason, I installed WinVNC on the
NT partition and set up a password.
    I also installed VNC from the sources on a debian linux system to
just test the setup.
    I ran vncviewer and it authenticated correctly. However the
connection closed at the NT end. Another thing : when I tried to run
vncviewer on the NT machine to connect to the server running on the same
machine it exited with an error - Loop back connections disabled. What I
am now trying to do is definitely NOT a loopback connection, so that
cannot be a problem.

    Session on the debian machine :
    [ 29 ] bin -: vncviewer
VNC server supports protocol version 3.3 (viewer 3.3)
VNC authentication succeeded
vncviewer: VNC server closed connection

Any idea what is going on and how do I fix it ? I am a complete rookie at
NT as well and use it very rarely.

Thanks in advance,

Madhusudan Singh.
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