[ANNOUNCEMENT] Mac TridiaVNC Server v3.4.0 alpha 2

Jonathan Morton chromatix "at" penguinpowered.com
Sat, 18 Nov 2000 17:56:21 +0000

Another new version of the Mac Server is now uploaded at
http://www.chromatix.uklinux.net/vnc/.  This release contains many
enhancements and fixes over alpha 1, so all users please upgrade.

*** New Features ***

- Fixed the bug, finally, where the Server would throw a Type 2 or "illegal
access exception" error when quitting under some circumstances.  The
side-effect of the fix is that the Server will take several seconds to shut
itself down.  This time will probably be reduced in the future.

- Keyboard control is now much more responsive, especially on loaded
systems and within certain kinds of dialog box.  It is also now much harder
to force the system into an uncontrollable state by typing at the wrong

- Wait-time after a draw event reduced to 2 ticks (1/30 second) instead of
1/6 second, this improves responsiveness while only minimally impacting
performance and efficiency.

- FRAMEBUFFER DIFFERENCING!  This eliminates sending data that has not
actually changed, and has been a long time in the pipeline.  Bundled with
it are a whole  bunch of direct performance improvements which increase the
real as well as apparent speed of the server.  Performance still isn't as
good as I'd like it, so I'll be tweaking it even further.

- Now a FAT application, so it can run on 68k Macs.  Note however that
vncPatches is still incompatible with 68k, therefore the Server will run in
"full screen polling" mode only on these machines and it will be laughably
easy to put the machine in an uncontrollable state remotely.  You have been

- Distributed as a self-extracting archive, so that ppeople who can't (be
bothered to) get hold of nearly-new versions of StuffIt Expander to run on
their old Macs can still use the Server.  Let me make this quite clear:
StuffIt Expander v5.5 *is* compatible with 68k machines running System
7.1.1 or later, and is available for free download from
http://www.aladdinsys.com/.  Only the very latest version of StuffIt, v6.0,
requires MacOS 8.1 and a PowerPC (personally I think they Carbonised it).

Please check the website for other improvements and/or problems.

from:     Jonathan "Chromatix" Morton
mail:     chromi "at" cyberspace.org  (not for attachments)
big-mail: chromatix "at" penguinpowered.com
uni-mail: j.d.morton "at" lancaster.ac.uk

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Get VNC Server for Macintosh from http://www.chromatix.uklinux.net/vnc/

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