VNCThing 2.1

Jonathan Morton chromatix "at"
Sat, 18 Nov 2000 00:06:45 +0000

I've been using VNCThing a few times now, and would just like to air my
(mostly favourable) impression of it.

1) it apears to be much more stable than the old Purple Shark MacVNC
client.  This can only be a good thing.  :)

2) when the user is not actively moving the mouse or typing, the display
updates only every 2 seconds - I've mentioned this to Dair and he agrees it
would be better to have approximately one FrameBufferUpdateRequest
outstanding at a time.

3) it only works on PowerPC systems with CarbonLib installed  :(
Backporting most of the improvements to a Classic and 68k compatible
version shouldn't be too hard though, and would allow older and restricted
Macs to act as thinnish VNC clients.

4) this is the feature I like the most:  Holding down a modifier key causes
the remote system to see the held key immediately!  I will need to do some
more investigation on this score to confirm, but I rather suspect neither
WinVNC nor the UNIX viewer are capable of this.

5) performance is reasonable on my G3-upgraded system.  I haven't yet tried
it on my older 5300, but current impressions are comparable to MacVNC.

In short, I thoroughly reccommend this viewer to all who can run it,
especially when item 2 is fixed.  I suspect a backport to Classic will be a
Wanted Item, so if anyone has time/energy to look into this, I strongly
encourage them to do so.


In related news, I'm finally getting frustrated with the wait for my PSU
and am going to do some hardware transplantation to get hold of my
source-code and carry on working on the Server.

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