Missing Icon

Leona Seakins redsealm "at" optusnet.com.au
Fri, 17 Nov 2000 19:22:25 +0000

Ok here is the story,

                                            I can run VNC on a peer to peer
network to do some testing with it. Running on windows 98.

I have done the same things I wanted to test using Windows 95 and no

Now I have installed it at work on a LAN but that isn't the problem, it
installs and is running but the problem is I can get a viewer Icon on the Help
Desk machines in the Sys Tray but when I want to use VNC in app mode or even
install it as a service it says there is an instance of VNC running but no
Icon in the Sys Tray.

Quite strange as nothing different has been done with the install.

Reg settings have been installed (default), there is no other version on the

Can't alter anything in the properties, because I cant access the Icon!

Where is it or where has it gone.

Any ideas or solutions?

Thanks Malcolm.
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