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Jonathan Morton chromatix "at"
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 19:26:51 +0000

>I had posted to the list probably six months back about wanting to do this,
>but instead of going to a blank screen have a full screen image appear that
>said something like "System Service in process".  My company puts
>Information Kiosk in public locations, so if we blank the screen it looks
>broken, but there are sometime where i need to do so maintance.  Has anyone
>given this any thought?  I know last time someone suggested doing something
>in DirectDraw to write to the screen.

This would not be possible under WinVNC (or Mac for that matter) unless you
could find a way of tweaking the video card onto a second framebuffer while
still having Windows think it was using the first.  Any method of doing so
would most likely be highly hardware-dependant.

A better solution would be a combined hardware/software system which could
turn on a backlight to a "Sorry, being serviced" display and then blank the
main monitor.  Probably wouldn't even need a data-acquisition board either
- just one of the serial/parallel ports with some kind of amplifier
attached.  ATM's use this kind of system, with a solenoid attached to that
"Sorry, out of service" slider.

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