use vnc as a desktop-viewer

lohschule Lohschule "at"
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 14:33:04 +0000

I4m using vnc as a desktop viewer to show my pupils exactly what I want
them to do or how to act on a PC. (Sorry, I4m a teacher). I4m running a
NT - Network with NT-Server / WS-clients. VNC is working only on 2
machines at the same time, one as the server, the second acting like a
viewer. Everytime another machine logs in like a viewer, the other
viewer is logged out/disconnected from the vnc-server. I think it4s a
little mistake, but, unfortunately, i can4t solve the problem.

B.t.w.: the server is run in Administrator-mode (local), the clients in
user-mode but with all necessary rights.

Can anybody help me?


lohschule "at"
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