WinVNC - Dun 1.3 Issue

Dan Prunuske dprune "at"
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 07:46:42 +0000

Whew, finally figured it out. When manually specifying the server's IP 
address, set it in "TCP/IP -> Dial Up Adapter #2 (VPN Support)" *ONLY*. I 
was setting it in both dial up adapters listed. I set the IP address to and the subnet mask to

When setting up the client's dial up networking, I left the TCP/IP settings 
all to "Server Assigned". All works well.

Without any connection, Winipcfg reports all zeros at the server end, yet 
when I hover over the VNC icon, it reports After a connection 
is made, it reports *and* (What's the second 
number all about?)

Without any connection, Winipcfg reports all zeros at the client end and after connected. Not sure what that means.

In any event, all works as advertised now. I can access my ISP with the VNC 
server can access it remotely when required. Now, on to implementing some 
sort of file transfer, but I that's another list <g>. (Otoh, 
hints/suggestions are always welcome.)

Thanks for the help - much appreciated.


Glenn Mabbutt wrote:
>What IP address are you manually specifying?? I believe Win98 (SE??) will
>automagically select an internal IP, such as if you've got
>networking set up by default, select "Obtain an IP address", and don't have
>a DHCP server (this is a registry setting, can't remember where exactly).
>If you're using dial-up, the IP you're assigned via PPP may be conflicting
>with the IP you're manually specifying.
>What part of VNC doesn't work?? IE, are you running the WinVNC server on
>that machine and trying to connect (in which case you'll need the IP, so run
>"winipcfg" on the server machine), or you can't connect using the viewer to
>anything (don't have a clue - if you have a network/internet connection,
>should work fine, assuming your server is also set up OK).
>-----Original Message-----
>Next problem: When I specify an IP address in TCP/IP properties, I can no
>longer access my ISP's mail server, WWW servers, etc., but VNC works fine.
>When I reset the TCP/IP properties to "Obtain an IP address automatically",
>Netscape & Eudora once again work properly, but of course VNC does not.
>Both the VNC server and client machines are stand alone - not on any other
>network. I would like to be able to access my ISP and run VNC on both
>machines as req'd. Is this possible?
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