VNC -identd xstartup issues

PhaseBurn PhaseBurn "at"
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 19:07:04 +0000

> >         server_args             = -inetd -once -broadcast -geometry
> > 1024x768 -depth 8
> [...]
> > 1) password protect this while still loading through xinetd
> Add '-rfbauth /etc/vnc/passwd' to server_args.

Ok, that fixed the password problem. Thanks much...

> > 2) run ANYTHING inside it, so that I don't have just a blank
> grey screen and
> > cursor...
> The script I mentioned in my previous email makes an attempt at this,
> but it isn't pretty.

Yes, however that script doesn't call Xvnc properly from xinetd and the
connection hangs when I use all the options. Everything I try to run comes
back with this:

Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:


               Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

Connection to host lost.

when using your script (changing twm to gnome-session), and exactly as
scripted by you, twm says:

twm:  unable to open display ""

This is the same problem I've had whn I tried my own script a while ago,
because I don't know how to pass the desktop/display to the applications
while going through xinetd because I don't know how to get them myself from
the server.

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