[UNIX-VNCserver] Stupid questions

Brandon L. Golm br "at" ndon.com
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 15:10:49 +0000

I don't think they are stupid questions.  After all, they are answered in 
some documentation somewhere which means others thought of them...

The answer is that the Xvncserver runs as its own X server.  It does not 
connect to a currently running X server.  So AFAIK it is not possible to in 
any way "connect" the server to an already running desktop.  You would need 
to start Xvncserver and connect to that with a client; you would then be 
connected to a new X windows session or destop (which is what you did (-: 
).  HTH.


Brandon L. Golm
br "at" ndon.com

>I said, "I dunno, should work"
>and started playing with Xvncserver.
>What I got is not what I expected.
>I expected the vncviewer to connect to the
>active desktop display (in my case a gnome
>session) and of course what I got was a new
>xsession running twm.
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