Possible bug report in 3.3.3r1

Clint Olsen olsenc "at" ichips.intel.com
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 11:13:30 +0000


We've been using VNC for awhile here at work, but we've been struggling
with these CAD tools that cannot handle greater than 8-bit color depth.
Running "vncserver :2 -geometry 1200x900 -cc 3 -alwaysshared" seems to do
the trick.  The key being "-cc 3".

What's strange is that although the colors look great, and the CAD tool
doesn't complain, starting the CAD tool causes a rather bizarre redraw
artifact.  The best I can explain it is a bunch of little squares blipping
across the screen at a high rate (which made me think of redraw/refresh).
It's odd that it only happens when this CAD tools starts.  It doesn't
affect the tool at all, just everything in the background.

Are there any other switches I should be using with the server and/or
client to correct this problem?


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