Mac/secure tunnel/user acknowledgment???

Jonathan Morton chromatix "at"
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 00:58:17 +0000

>Hi, I've searched the mailing list archive and the faq, and came up with
>nothing recent, so here goes:
>Given that I've got a secure tunnelling solution with user acknowledgment
>set up between win32 boxes, I'd also like to do the same with our Mac.
>We've got a G3 PowerMac running MacOS 8.1 (soon to be 8.6).  The networking
>is set up, I've downloaded and installed the TridiaVNC ppc server (3.4) from
>, it's set up, I can connect to it using the
>win32 vncviewer just fine (just not encrypted, and no user acknowledgment
>:))  Has anyone figured out how to do this yet (from a win32 viewer)??

I haven't even attempted using SSH with my server, and I haven't
implemented user-acknowledgement yet.  Both are currently lowish on my
priority list atm, but are worth looking into.

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