KDE 2.0 not working with VNC

Fredrick Ludden ludden "at" n-link.com
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 17:42:49 +0000

I have been using VNC at home for some time now.  Usually a VNC server (KDE
1.1) on my Slackware 7.1 Linux (2.2.16) box and viewed by a Windows 98 client.
No problems.

I upgraded to KDE 2.0 and now VNC is not working properly.  KDE runs just fine
on the Linux box (looks great BTW!), but when I try to connect to the server
from the windows box, I get only a partial KDE display.  The background looks
funny and there are no menu bars.  I have the desktop icons and am able to
right click and get a menu, but nothing else.  It seems as if the only a
partial initialization has occured.  I don't see any obvious errors on the
Linux box either so I am stumped.

Anyone else tried this yet?  Any ideas what is going on?

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