[patch] bind to specific interface in Xvnc

Adam Tauno Williams adam "at" morrison-ind.com
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 15:19:53 +0000

>>We have added your patch to the TridiaVNC source tree.  I think this
>>will be useful for more secure VNC access to firewalls and routers.
>Great.  Note that it doesn't close off the X socket, so although 5810
>and 5910 will be bound to an interface, 6010 will be open to all
>I'm not enough of an X hacker to fix this, but someone should probably
>look at it so that people don't trust -interface too much.

In most Linux distributions XDM (be default) only listens on the unix (local)
socket and not on the tcp/udp socket so it should be secure.  I'd assume that
some similair option for XDM exists on other UNIX platforms as well

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