VNCThing 2.0

Dair Grant dair "at"
Thu, 09 Nov 2000 22:16:03 +0000


I'm pleased to announce a new version of my Mac VNC client (formerly
called MacVNC, now called VNCThing to give it a different name from
the AT&T client).

Changes for this release are:

 - Fully Carbonized (supports Mac OS 8.1 through to Mac OS X)
 - Various UI improvements
   - Menu item to send Ctrl-Alt-Del
   - Turn off local command keys/mouse modifiers for Mac servers
   - New statistics window to monitor events
   - Shrink-to-fit maintains server aspect ratio
 - Numerous bug fixes/improvements
   - Several performance improvements (far fewer update requests)
   - Full screen mode no longer requires DrawSprocket
   - Modifier keys were read incorrectly from bookmark files
   - Connection dialog could appear after opening bookmark
   - Scroll bar in Log window wasn't updating correctly
   - Cut and paste commands wasn't working correctly
   - Caps Lock and Option were swapped for Unix servers
   - Fixed couple of small memory leaks

The VNCThing home page is at:


App and source can be downloaded by following the "download" link.

(!Work) mailto:dair "at"
 (Work) mailto:dair "at"
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